Deb Rushworth
BHlthSc, Grad Cert HR Management, BA (Psychology) Hons, M Clinical Psychology

Department: Registered Psychologist / Clinical Psychology Registrar

“Our overall wellbeing is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking steps
along the way with hope and belief in yourself.” Deepak Chopra

Feeling sad, worried, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, or conflicted are all part of being
human. Yet sometimes we need help and support to manage a specific problem or situation,
to prepare for, cope with, or start a process of change, or to seek help for a long-standing
problem. A psychologist can collaborate with you to identify areas of concern and use
evidence-based strategies to assist you with on your journey of wellbeing.

Deb Rushworth is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in working
with adult clients across a variety of health, social welfare, and organisational settings. Deb
has completed clinical training in a range of assessment and therapeutic modes including
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Schema Therapy, and
Mindfulness strategies. Deb employs warmth and compassion to engage with clients and
believes that it is a privilege to work with each client to assist them to reach their goals.

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