Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled and professional, consistently providing a superior quality of health care for all musculoskeletal dysfunctions from acute stages through to full return to work, sports or activity.

Physiotherapy can help treat:

  • Back an Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Joints and Muscles
  • Work-related & Motor Vehicle injuries
  • Arthritis / Chronic conditions
  • Knee / Patello-femoral pain

In all of our Physiotherapy sessions, our first priority is to ensure that we give you our undivided attention. We allocate one hour for all our initial appointments – this enables us to take time to listen to you, perform a thorough assessment of your complaint and commence treatment.

Our skills are in manual and exercise therapy. No passive treatment is used, instead we use a range of different techniques applied to muscles, ligaments and joints to improve the way movement occurs. The use of tape and bracing can complement these manual therapy techniques and help reinforce and maintain the improved movement patterns.

One of the fundamental principles we use within our treatment is the concept of self-treatment. We believe that the manual therapy we provide is only part of the required treatment. Every patient of ours will go home with some simple, yet effective exercises to perform and will be educated in ways that will help you not only manage your current symptoms but also help you to prevent any recurrences in the future. We have found by utilising self-treatment that the time it takes for our patients to recover from their injuries reduces significantly.

We are happy to treat any and all musculoskeletal conditions from the acute injury through to rehabilitating patients post-surgery. That being said, spinal injuries and headaches are our specialty. Our therapist has a special interest in treating people who have neck and/or back pain and the referral of symptoms from the spine into the arms, legs, and head.

We guarantee we will find a solution to your complaint or we will refer you to an appropriate tertiary medical specialist with the help of your GP.

A lot of people have testified to the real benefits of physiotherapy treatments performed by our Toronto Health physiotherapists. Give us a call and we will develop a unique and responsive treatment plan to comprehensively address your complaint.

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