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COVID-19 Practice Update

As an essential health service provider, we are pleased to confirm that we will be remaining open and taking appointments as usual. We are committed to protecting the health of our team and our local community and are closely monitoring all official announcements and following recommendations provided by the authorities....

Are You A Weekend Warrior?

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults aged 18–64 do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity throughout the week.1 However with more and more people becoming time poor and unable to fit exercise into their daily lives, there...

School Lunches Unpacked

One thing we have noticed when chatting to parents about the start of the new school year is that even though everyone is so ready for the kids to go back to school, there is almost always a mention of the chore of making school lunches. The 2 biggest issues...

3 Common Walking Myths, Busted

When it comes to exercise, walking doesn’t always get the respect it deserves — and it’s time that changed. Before buying into the idea that walking isn’t a worthwhile workout, learn the truth behind these three common walking myths. Myth 1: 10,000 STEPS IS THE HOLY GRAIL There is a...

4 Reasons You’re Hungry All The Time

It can be easy to view hunger as a bad thing — and while it’s certainly an inconvenient feeling — it’s as innate as the need to yawn or go to the bathroom. In fact, hunger is a crucial biological signal. To understand this, a refresher of the autonomic nervous system is...

How To Avoid A Running Injury

Increasing running mileage in preparation for a race or goal unfortunately does increase injury risk.  So, what can you do to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate people who suffer an injury from running? Exploration of the research literature shows that the biggest factor for causing running injuries is not...

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