Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Myotherapists all fall under the banner of manual therapy (we use our hands to treat). However, each profession has a different approach to your aches and pains, and each individual will draw on their own biases to manage your condition. So how do we know when we are receiving a high standard of care? Also, how do we know if our current clinician isn’t up to scratch? Here are five signs of a good clinician to help you figure out if you’re in the right place:

1. Make sure you are experiencing face to face treatment for the entirety of your treatment sessions. This really does ensure your physio/chiro/osteo is giving you their full attention and best treatment options.

2. Your clinician should always push for relevant forms of active treatment/self-management. This is where long term results will occur! Active treatment may involve:
Activity modification – reducing activity to an appropriate level 
Environmental modification – adjusting your work station to reduce overuse 
Home exercise – 😍 performing tailored programs of exercise to address your functional deficits 

3. You should be working towards an end-game or common goal with your therapist. This provides your recovery with direction, structure and unified expectations.
My advice: Develop up to 3 functional goals (what would you do if the symptoms improved?). Ensure they are SMART goals (these will be covered soon 😉). Refer to them every time you are asked “how’s it been this week”?

4. Objective assessments have been recorded, and they are re-assessed regularly! Can you imagine a motor mechanic who doesn’t turn on your car after major work? Me neither. The same principle applies in treatment. Re-assessment proves that a change has or has not occurred, and therefore, aids in directing your recovery process.
Re-assessment after each treatment💯💪🚀🔥
Re-assessment after 10 sessions = 🙈🙄🤢👎

5. Are you actually getting the results both you and your clinician expected? You owe it to yourself to spend your time and money on services that have undeniable benefit. In most cases the penny drops within a couple of weeks (3-4 sessions). This means you may need to reconsider your current therapist. They may have great small talk and a nice waiting room, but I guarantee you’ll find that virtually anywhere. Why not get the RESULTS as well?

So if you are not receiving the standard of care you deserve, or seeing the results you were promised, seek another clinician and start moving FORWARD!